The Project Experience 

Project management has sometimes been an “accidental profession” where practitioners and project team members can receive little project management training before being involved in projects. The Project Experience is an experiential learning day with the aim of introducing delegates to the principles of project management in a fun and engaging way.


The Project Experience is designed to give participants a practical experience of working in projects and allow them to recognise the project lifecycle and a project’s required focus at each stage.



Delegates will learn the benefits of managing successful and better projects as well as how to avoid the pitfalls when starting out as a new project manager. The workshop learning process is based on the principles of action learning and peer challenge with discussion and guidance on the transfer of learning back into the workplace. It comprises a series of practical exercises which are specific to the individual: not “role play” but "real play".


The workshop starts with a short review of project characteristics and typical lifecycle. This module can be tailored to reflect a specific methodology adopted by your organisation.  For the remainder of the workshop, delegates are taken through the lifecycle of a project with specific lessons and experiences at each stage. Teams get the opportunity to experience and observe the project from a number of different perspectives, these are: sponsors, customers/users, suppliers and project management team.

In the exercises, teams will compete against each other to design and develop a ‘real’  business-related project for a local town council.


The day will comprise the following sessions: 

• Project Start Up

• Project Initiation / Definition

• Project Delivery

• Project Closure

• Lessons Workshop


After each session the delegates will be asked to present their progress and outputs to the panel/facilitators and a short review will be held to discuss the learning points.   Throughout the day delegates will be faced with unplanned issues and challenges which we will be looking for them to handle/solve using project management best practice and principles.  At the end of the day a final presentation will be made and the winner will be the team that scores highest from each section throughout the day.


The Project Experience covers the following subjects through practical and experiential learning:

• Business Case

- Understanding costs

- Realising benefits

• Stakeholder Engagement

- Identifying different stakeholder interests

- Stakeholder communications

• User requirements

- Negotiating between conflicting interests

          -Balancing with cost and time pressures 

• Project Management

- How to start & close a project

- Planning

- Agreeing budgets

- Progress reporting

- Managing change

• Project completion criteria

• Customer / user satisfaction

• Learning lessons.


Delegates will receive full instructions and materials.  No delegate preparation is necessary.






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